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  • Gasland: HBO documentary key driver of opposition to fracking, study finds

    Research indicates power of Oscar-nominated film that fueled rise in online searches, social media discussion, news coverage and activism, paper says

    An Oscar-nominated HBO documentary that showed American homeowners near hydraulic fracturing sites setting fire to their tap water may have been the main trigger for a surge in public opposition to the oil and gas production technique, according to a study to be published next month.
    Gasland, produced by the filmmaker Josh Fox in 2010, sparked a rise in online searches, social media chatter, news coverage, and environmental activism surrounding fracking that may have led to a series of local attempts to ban the industry in the years that followed, according to the paper which will be published in the American Sociology Review’s October edition.

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  • Swansea Bay tidal energy scheme strives to generate waves of optimism

    Critics have dubbed it Britain’s ‘pottiest’ renewable energy plan, but supporters of the controversial tidal lagoon project say it can revitalise the area

    Tyrone O’Sullivan is not an obvious evangelist for the vast Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project, lauded by its developers as world leading but dismissed by one critic as Britain’s “pottiest ever” renewable energy project.

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  • RSPB and the fear of the feline whip | Letters

    As a vice-president of the RSPB, Chris Packham (Charities silent over animal hunting and culls, says Packham, 2 September) is not well-placed to accuse other conservation and animal welfare organisations of silence on topics that might upset some of their supporters. A while ago, I was approached by an RSPB representative inviting me to join the organisation. I told him that after receiving regular mailings from the RSPB, I had written to say I would become a supporter when they tackled the elephant – or rather the domestic cat – in the room. And their letters stopped. He covered his badges with his hands, then said: “I’d shoot them all, but there’s a large element of our membership that won’t hear anything against their nice little moggies, and we can’t afford to upset them.” So there’s a shameful silence for you, Chris!
    Griff Everett
    Milford, Derbyshire

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  • Scientists reveal there are 3tn trees in the world in latest count

    Most accurate count to date is over seven times higher than last estimate – but almost half have been cut down since the start of civilisation, say scientists

    Scientists have already calculated how many fish there are in the sea (230,000 species), and how many species there are on the planet overall (8.7m). Now they have had a crack at counting all of the world’s trees.

    Using a combination of satellite and ground measurements, researchers estimated that there are just over 3tn trees on the planet, over seven times as many as the current, non peer-reviewed reckoning that relied on satellite images alone.

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