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  • How can we put the taste back into British food?

    Fresh local produce has been replaced by cheap, bland, industrial-farmed food as supermarkets slash prices. What will it take to bring change?

    Four strawberries, picked an hour earlier, sit on a saucer on the dining-room table of Lindsey Lodge Farm, a 40-acre farm growing fruit and vegetables in Suffolk. It is June and these strawberries are the first of the English season. Andrew Sturgeon, a farmer for 30 years, smiles, certain of the quality. The aroma is heady, the taste is of strawberries as they ought to be, naturally sweet.

    Sturgeon delivers to 45 stores belonging to the East of England Co-operative, owned by its members. It is independent from the Co-operative Group chain and has more than 200 shops in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Ninety per cent of Sturgeon’s fruit is delivered straight to stores within 36 hours of being picked. They sell at £2.25 a punnet, compared with under £2 elsewhere. “Customers know what they are buying when they ask for our strawberries,” he says.

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  • Shark attacks: Coalition to deploy extra drumlines to protect surfers

    Strategy, which helps track and monitor sharks without baiting or killing them, will be prioritised on north coast

    Up to 100 extra “smart” drumlines will be rolled out along the New South Wales coastline to keep swimmers safe from sharks, the state government has announced.

    The controversial shark management strategy helps authorities track and monitor sharks without baiting or killing them, and the rollout announced on Sunday will be prioritised on the NSW north coast following a recent shark attack.

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  • Lead contamination in LA housing project said to put 300 kids at risk

    Jordan Downs residents fear wider impact of planned demolition in former industrial site but lead contamination is only one part of toxic puzzle

    It’s a sunny Saturday morning in South Los Angeles, but Nuvia Perez is keeping her three boys inside.

    “They don’t go out to play,” said Perez, 37, whose front door faces a 21-acre former industrial site in the heart of Jordan Downs, a housing project.

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  • Protesters stage 'die-in' flashmob at Heathrow over expansion plans

    Reclaim the Power reads testimonies from communities affected by climate change urging people to consider impact of flights

    Activists campaigning against airport expansion and climate change have staged a “die-in” flashmob demonstration at Heathrow. Scores of protesters, some wearing dust masks and others decked in banners, lay on the floor in Terminal 2 at the airport on Saturday as bemused passengers looked on.

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