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  • Cleaning up charcoal's dirty image in Kenya – in pictures

    Demand for charcoal in sub-Saharan Africa is surging. While foreign investors focus on renewables, domestic companies are findings ways to make it cleaner and more efficient. Photographs and words by Nathan Siegal

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  • The ethical guide to the Anthropocene

    We humans have polluted our world into a new geological epoch

    If you’re feeling unsettled by the Brexit/Trump future, consider this: since the 1950s humans have ramped up the pressure on the planet to such an extent that we have very likely propelled ourselves into a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene. Now that’s what geologists call change. The thing that freaks me out is that it’s rarely mentioned.

    To unwrap that: for the past 10,000 years or so, we have hung out comfortably in what we call the Holocene epoch. During this period we have been able to rely on the Earth’s systems to dampen the effects of “forcings”. These are different factors that affect the Earth’s climate, such as volcanic eruptions and solar variations.

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  • Mathias Cormann refuses to express confidence in Alan Finkel after climate criticism

    Minister says Direct Action review just ‘housekeeping’ after chief scientist casts doubt on ability to meet emissions target

    Mathias Cormann has refused to say if the Turnbull government still has confidence in Dr Alan Finkel after the chief scientist warned Australia would not meet its emissions reduction target under the Paris agreement with current federal policy settings.

    “Look at our track record,” Cormann told Sky News on Sunday. “People thought that we couldn’t meet the 2020 emissions reduction target based on our policy settings and indeed we are exceeding those targets.

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  • On climate change and the economy, we're trapped in an idiotic netherworld | Greg Jericho

    The shrieks of horror that follow mentions of pricing carbon show politics remains wedded to the belief that economic growth trumps concerns of climate change

    This week was a prime example of how economics and, by extension, politics doesn’t cope very well with the issue of climate change.

    The news that Australia economy went backwards in the September quarter was greeted with alarm by politicians and then used as a reason to push their policy barrow. And most of the barrows were piled high with coal.

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