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  • Australia should invest in coal power as it reduces emissions, minister says

    Economists and energy analysts question environmental and economic case for Matt Canavan’s coal push

    Research touted by the resources minister that reportedly suggests Australia can rely on coal to meet emissions reduction has been attacked by experts and appears to have been misreported.

    The Australian reported on Tuesday that research conducted by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – and commissioned by Matt Canavan, the federal minister for resources – showed Australia could cut its emissions by 27% if it replaced its existing coal power stations with the more efficient “ultra-supercritical” technology.

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  • Trump warming to reality of climate change, says senior Chinese official

    Beijing’s chief climate negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, talks down fears that joint leadership shown by China and the US will be reversed under new president

    China’s chief climate negotiator has attempted to calm fears that Donald Trump’s arrival in the White House will spell disaster for the fight against climate change.

    Trump, who has dismissed climate change as “bullshit” and a Chinese hoax, will become the first climate sceptic to occupy the highest office in the US when he is sworn in on Friday.

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  • Leopard shark makes world-first switch from sexual to asexual reproduction

    Leonie the shark astounds researchers by producing live hatchlings after being separated from her mate in 2012

    A leopard shark in an Australian aquarium has reproduced asexually after being separated from her mate.

    It is the first reported case of a shark switching from sexual to asexual or parthenogenetic reproduction and only the third reported case among all vertebrate species.

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  • Kangaroo attacks Melbourne jogger 'like a damn truck'

    Personal trainer Debbie Urquhart says she was running on a bush track when a two-metre-tall ‘big boy’ came out of nowhere

    A towering male kangaroo hit a Melbourne jogger “like a damn truck” in an attack that left her scratched, bleeding and needing emergency surgery.

    Debbie Urquhart, a personal trainer, said the “big boy” who came out of nowhere and knocked her down was two metres tall.

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