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  • Airport expansion’s disastrous effects, near and far | Letters

    The government’s decision to greenlight aviation expansion (Chris Grayling: decision on airport expansion to be made on Tuesday,, 23 October) is a predictable failure, but not an acceptable one. With the scrapping of vital decarbonisation policies and funding, the UK is already way off-track to meet our climate change commitments. The impacts of any new runway will be devastating to people’s lives and to the planet. Locally it will see the demolition of hundreds of homes, result in increased noise pollution, and illegal levels of air pollution – already responsible for almost 10,000 premature deaths in London every year.

    But the biggest tragedy of the government’s failure is a global one. Only around 5% of the world’s population flies at all, yet the impacts of climate change – droughts, floods and heatwaves – are already hitting poorer communities in the global south, who are the least likely to ever set foot on a plane.

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  • Chris Grayling: decision on airport expansion to be made on Tuesday

    Transport secretary denies government has already decided which plan it will back in choice between Heathrow or Gatwick

    The government’s decision over which London airport expansion scheme it will finally choose is expected to come on Tuesday, after the transport secretary, Chris Grayling, said the decision would be made at a cabinet committee meeting that day.

    Grayling said that the government had still not decided which option to choose and would make the final decision on the day. He is expected to announce the choice to the House of Commons as soon as it has been made.

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  • We sent a vegetarian to see if meatless burgers can convert carnivores

    The Impossible Burger is making a big impression on foodies, chefs and vegetarians, but can it find its way onto the McDonald’s menu?

    I hold the burger with both hands and bring it, somewhat trepidatiously, to my mouth. I commit myself to at least one bite. As I close my eyes and chew, some long dormant receptor in my mind comes alive and for a split second it’s 1986 again and I am eating a hamburger at a family cookout in Chicago.

    This is the first time I’ve eaten meat in 30 years – except, this is not meat.

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  • Detroit incinerator is hotspot for health problems, environmentalists claim

    The country’s biggest trash-burning facility has been issued with a notice to sue, with local residents complaining of the bad smell and pollution it produces

    At the intersection of two highways just outside downtown Detroit, a hulking relic of the city’s past looms over the skyline: the largest municipal trash incinerator in the US. It’s a facility that has raised concerns of nearby residents since its construction in the 1980s.

    And some days, it stinks.

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