Shar-a-thon 2011

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,

It is just about that time of year again! The time of year when we conduct our annual Shar-a-thon, a three day event designed to help raise financial support for the operation of KELP, the sole Christian radio ministry located here in El Paso, Texas which has faithfully served for the past 28 years.

All Christian ministries, whether churches, teaching ministries, orphan homes, or mission works are operated and sustained by the freewill donations and offerings of God's people. As you are no doubt aware, many churches and ministries are hurting financially, and some are constantly trying to raise funds. KELP, however, is not one of them. Rather than constantly asking for support, we conduct one, and only one fund raising effort each year, a three day effort each fall we call “Shar-a-thon.” And whatever God puts it on the hearts of His people to give, we are grateful and make do with it. After all, God is the one who provides and He always supplies for the work He calls on us to do.

For the past few years we have set our annual goal for Shar-a-thon at $120,000 dollars. In all this time, we have not raised our goal because we understand how tough times are. And each year, without fail, our faithful donors and friends have met that goal. In turn, we are both grateful and very careful to spend God's money wisely as good stewards who will have to give an account.

We believe that those who help support this ministry understand that, because unlike many other ministries, the overwhelming majority of our donors have been faithful to send in their monthly commitments. We cannot begin to tell you how much that means to us.

This year, Shar-a-thon will be held on Wednesday, September 29th, thru Friday, October 1st. Once again we will be asking you to help support the work of this ministry. We understand that people are struggling because of the economy, all we ask is that you "prayerfully," consider what God would have you to give.  Anything and everything will be sincerely appreciated.

KELP is a unique ministry. We have three experienced ministers on staff who are also involved in other areas of God's work, and each of them is available to assist with your spiritual needs.

Each week we get phone calls, emails, and notes asking for prayers, counseling, or bible teaching. There are times that we have left the studio as a result of a call, to go visit people in the hospital who were dieing, or gone to their homes to pray with people and share the gospel. We have also hooked needy people up with local churches that could help them with physical and spiritual needs. We are not a church, yet God has seen fit to use this ministry to bless people.

At present, we reach people by radio from the Arizona border in the west, to Sierra Blanca, Texas in the east, and from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in the north, to approximately 400 miles into Mexico in the south. In addition, we presently have over 25,000 listeners tuning in via our web site on the internet from 83 countries. Only God knows what effect all of this will have on the His Kingdom. As a donor, you are a part of all of this. You will share in the blessings and rewards God gives out for your faithfulness.

We are grateful for each one of you, and our prayer is that together, our partnership for the kingdom will result in many souls being saved and brought to Christ.

Yours for Christ and His Kingdom.

Jay Gilliland, Minister, Director of Operations

P.S. We would like to hear what KELP has meant to you. We would like record your calls to air during the Shar-a-thon period. Please call us and tell us why KELP is so important to you. Call us at (915) 779-0016 or at 1 (800) 658-6299


KELP is Listener Supported. Click to find out how you can help!

KELP is Listener Supported. Click to find out how you can help!

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