Bible classes

International Baptist Bible Institute on 1201 A Hawkins Blvd., El Paso, TX  79925  915/778-4815 

IBBI will be teaching under this new series listed below.

Courses to be taught in 2013-2014:

Bible study Methods and Rules of Interpretation
Introduction to Old Testament
Introduction to New Testament
Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry
Bible Doctrine Survey
Personal Spiritual Life
Church Ministry/Administration/Education
Teaching Principles and Methods
Church History Survey

Courses will be taught every Tuesday from 6-9pm.,  Length of courses varies:  Courses run from 6 to 10 weeks each. 
Classes in English and in Spanish.  Classes in Spanish are already in progress.  We will begin a new class in English on the 30th. Course #1 Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation.

Cost:  $40.00
any ques. 915-533-8500 or 778-4815


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