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  • Bryan Fischer: Rick Perry’s path to the White House may run through the Oklahoma border

    If Gov. Rick Perry of Texas does just one thing, he is liable to be our next president. That one thing is, if necessary, to send the Texas National Guard to the border with Oklahoma to stare down the BLM Brownshirts and their attempt to steal 90,000 acres that belong to the people of the Lone Star State. 

    The American people can read. They can read Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, which lists all the powers of action that “We the People” have delegated to the central government. Robbing American citizens of ranch land is not among them.

  • Dr. Jerry Newcombe: Au Contraire, Jim DeMint Does Know His US History
    Recently, I interviewed Jim DeMint for my radio show to discuss his new book, Falling In Love With America Again. Some remarks he made on the show, especially about slavery, have been burning up the blogosphere. Many of the articles imply or state that Mr. DeMint, former US Senator (R-SC) and now head of The Heritage Foundation, doesn’t know his US history.

  • Bryan Fischer: The debate over natural marriage ain’t over by a long shot

    “The debate is over” is the newest addition to the liberal Tourette’s Syndrome dictionary, a phrase mindlessly repeated over and over to terminate discussion rather than stimulate it. It’s one of the cliches that Jonah Goldberg speaks of, used robotically to end dialogue rather than engage in it. 

    Supporters of sodomy-based marriage have taken to using the phrase with regard to public policy on the definition of marriage. Some self-described “conservatives” like S.E. Cupp agree, saying it’s time for the GOP to “move on gay marriage.”  

  • David Limbaugh: Declaring the Obamacare Debate Over Won't Save Democrats

    Apart from gutting America's military, our standing in the world, our fiscal stability, the economy, the office of the presidency, conventional energy sources, the free market and religious liberty, Obama has little to boast about other than Obamacare, so let him go for it.

    Yes, let him gloat, because the more he bloviates in defense of the indefensible -- the more he spins the unspinnable -- the more damage he'll do to the cause he's trying to promote: the election of Democratic congressmen in November. 

  • Bryan Fischer: If president wanted to destroy this country, this is how he’d do it

    If a Machiavellian genius were to set out to destroy the United States, he would do three things. Disarm and weaken our military so it cannot defend us against foreign enemies. Disarm the National Guard so it cannot defend the States against the federal government. Nationalize and militarize law enforcement by weaponizing bureaucrats. 


    That version of the U.S. would be helpless, governed by a tyrant, and without a cultural or moral core. It would soon cease even to faintly resemble the country bequeathed to us by the Founders.

  • Chuck Norris: Government-Forced Retirement at 57?

    The words of Thomas Jefferson are etched under the dome of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Imagine if Jefferson finished that thought with these words: “Unless, of course, you’re 57 years old and a U.S. federal law enforcement officer.” 

    In the beginning of our republic, our founders fought for freedom from governing tyranny, including for those who worked in government. And if a man’s work ethic, health and passions allowed him to labor until his dying breath, he did so, even in government.

  • Ray Rooney, Jr.: A Different Thought On Easter
    Even when it comes to something as righteous and holy as serving God we just can’t help ourselves.  We’re humans and it’s in our nature.  We serve to gain.  There’s got to be some kind of reward or payoff or we’re not interested.  How do I know we all serve to gain?  How many of us are willing to serve God anonymously or behind the scenes?  It seems to me we can’t help but tell people when, how, where, and why we serve God.  Somebody ought to know how dedicated, faithful, and sacrificial we are, right?

  • Bryan Fischer: California: protecting sexual integrity of boys disqualifies you as a judge

    While the Boy Scouts of America have foolishly and uselessly allowed homosexuals to become scouts, they have drawn the line at allowing sexual deviants to be scoutmasters. 

    Allowing gay scouts is foolish because it risks exposing young teens to older teen males who have a sexual interest in other boys. Scouts usually camp two to a tent. Any parent in his right mind want to send his 13-year-old boy on one of those trips?

  • Ray Rooney, Jr.: Don’t Forget “Forsaken”

    Several years ago Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ raised awareness of the brutality of Good Friday.  The scourging scenes earned the film an R rating.  Veteran movie goers who had been conditioned by decades of violence and gore in the movies nonetheless winced, shuddered, and sometimes looked away due to the realism that everyone knew was based on the truth.  No one had ever come close to reenacting the viciousness of the attacks on Christ like that film.  

    Yet there was something missing.  An intangible the Gospels identified that couldn’t really be fleshed out and delved into for the big screen.  I’m talking about the absolute sense of abandonment that Jesus felt that day.  It began in the Garden of Gethsemane when He was being arrested.

  • Bryan Fischer: State marriage amendments should not even be in federal court, period

    The battle in federal courts over state marriage amendments has moved to the next level, as appeals courts now review rulings issued by lone district judges. 

    Should one appeals court uphold a state marriage amendment and another overturn one, the issue is virtually guaranteed ultimately to make its way to the Supreme Court.

  • Dr. Jerry Newcombe: Easter Hope---Based on Facts of History

    Jesus sells. That’s why they have cover stories on Him in magazines and TV specials, even if some of them offer strange theories to try to explain away things like the original Easter.   

    I’ll never forget the evolution of a famous TV newsman, the late Peter Jennings, the anchor ABC’s nightly news broadcasts. 

  • Bryan Fischer: The National Popular Vote: a perfectly horrendous idea

    The National Popular Vote is a perfectly horrendous idea that ought to be strangled in the cradle. It violates virtually every principle of the republican form of government bequeathed to us by the Founders. It represents a violent lurch toward pure democracy, which the Founders abhorred.

    The NPV has now been adopted by 11 states, with New York being the latest to sign on just this week. NPV provides that, if enough states sign compacts with other states, every state which belongs to the compact will automatically award all of its electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the nationwide popular vote. New York just added its 29 electoral votes to the plan, bringing the total number of electoral votes controlled by NPV to 165, or 61 percent of the total needed for the plan to take effect. 

  • Probe Ministries: Poverty and Wealth

     Written by Don Closson Introduction It’s disheartening to meet young Christians who are convinced of the immorality of capitalism and the free market system. Sincere Christians often quote the second chapter of Acts which describes how the church in Jerusalem held all things

  • Bryan Fischer: 16th Amendment: IRS has no legal authority to tax your wages or salary

    The current tax code is now four million words long, more than four times longer than the collected works of Shakespeare, and six to seven times longer than the Bible. It requires 25 volumes to contain it, and takes up nine feet of shelf space.


    According to Forbes, it takes Americans over six billion hours to comply with its filing requirements. Thats the equivalent of 8,758 lifetimes. In people years, not dog years.

    This monstrosity is based entirely on the 16th Amendment, which authorizes Congress to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived. 

  • Ray Rooney, Jr.: Jesus Wept (ἐδάκρυσεν ὁ Ἰησοῦς)
    There are two instances the Gospels tell us that “Jesus wept.”  One is John 11:35 as He stands in the midst of a wake for His friend Lazarus.  The other takes place as He approaches the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (Luke 19:41).  In both instances, Jesus seems to be moved to tears because of the self-infliction of unnecessary pain by those for whom He cares greatly.

  • David Limbaugh: Obama's Politicized, Lawless Executive Branch

    Under the administration of President Barack Obama, as never before in my lifetime, there is reason to be a bit afraid of the federal government.

    I have written two books documenting Obama's abuses of power, his assaults on the Constitution, his wars against business and energy, his abominably reckless spending, his divisiveness, his renegade Justice Department, his regulatory expansion, his executive orders, his overall lawlessness, and more. 

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